Hiram’s Highway Improvement Stage 2 under planning

Preliminary design and investigation works are in progress to improve the section of road from Marina Cove to the south of Sha Ha.
The proposed improvement works will increase the road capacity to cope with the future traffic demand arising from the continuous development of Sai Kung area and to enhance road safety.

Source: highways Department

Hiram’s Highway Improvement Stage 1

To improve two sections of Hiram’s Highway between Clear Water Bay Road and Pak Wai, the existing Ho Chung Road and Luk Mei Tsuen Road.

The proposed improvement works will relieve the traffic congestion on the road section near Marina Cove, enhance the safety of the road section and improve the local access to Ho Chung and Luk Mei Tsuen.

Construction Commencement Date: Mar 2016
Anticipated Commissioning Date: End 2020

Hiram’s Highway Sai Kung
Hiram’s Highway Sai Kung

Source: Highway Department